How can I hide or disable the "DEPRECATED RULE" notice in the UI?

I dont care to see it as some kind of red flag all over the place. I know that you have deprecated the rule, but we have not.

Hi Andrew,

Generally speaking, deprecation is used to warn users what is being DEPRECATED should not be used: something better is available, too noisy, false positive, …

Deprecation is also widely used in different technologies (Java, Python, …): it’s generally not a good idea to not care about what the people which built the technology advise.

There is no way to remove this message.

Could you give the name of the rule and the context in which you find the rule is relevant?



The problem is not a particular rule, its how pervasive the deprecation is represented in the UI. Displaying it on the management screens for QP or Rules is one thing, but the general non-admin users shouldnt see a QP boxed in red or counts circled in red on all the project screens.

It immediately devalues the analysis results.

@Olivier_Schmitt - Also the reasons why Sonar chooses to deprecate a rule may not be something the users agree with, or could even be motivated by.

S4261 - Methods should be named according to their synchronicities is an example of one like that. Sonar doesnt want to get in the middle of any kind of preference fight, but instead of just removing it from the SonarWay profile, you have chosen to mark this legitimate as written (finally) rule as Deprecated. Now this shows up in every project that uses that rule with a big red box around it.

What does this big red box tell the general, non-administrative users?

It tells them “Something is wrong with this quality profile”, when that is not the case. The actual story is that Sonar just didnt want to get in the middle of debates.