Change management for deprecated rules

I’m working in a highly regulated environment (pharma). Whenever a rule is deprecated and replaced by another one, we would like to be able to investigate how the new rule is defined, so we are 100% sure no risk will slip through. Is it possible to see the rule definition in detail?

Welcome :slight_smile:

beside the Sonar rule explorer which has nearly the same rule descriptions as your Sonarqube instance

you may also check the implementation, i.e. for Java

and tests


Hi Gilbert!

Thx so much for such a fast response. Thank you for pointing me to the repos and SonarSource, however, I cannot find what I’m specifically looking for. Let me explain in detail what is the case.

I notified our JS developers that (among others) the following rule is deprecated and will be removed.

I followed your links, but instead of Sonar-Java, I navigated to SonarJS. Then I searched for “alert” and the only result was which does not answer the question if “alert” will be caught by this rule.

We have thousands of developers across multiple languages that we would like to be able to make very well-informed decisions about how to deal with deprecated rules - ideally, with each list of deprecated rules, we would like to tell them where to go to see the details of the replacing rule to determine if any risk is introduced - hence the question.