Helm chart version naming

We recently started using the official helm chart for deploying SonarQube in the cluster and encountered a minor issue caused by the naming of the chart version in the helm repository.

We also use Flux image automation component for automatic deployment of our “umbrella” helm charts after updating the version of the wrapped sonarqube chart. Flux can actually only track tags of docker images for now, so we use a proxy service that converts the helm repo into an oci repo. Since Flux expects to receive a docker tag that shouldn’t contain the “+” symbol, we encounter a problem with the version of the SonarQube helm chart using this symbol.

Helm also recommends using the SemVer scheme for naming helm chart versions wherever possible.

Therefore, I wanted to ask if there’s a way to create a feature request to change the version naming of the chart? For example, to avoid using the “+version” postfix entirely and switch to changing the patch version, or to use the pre-release version notation in the form of “-version”.


Dear @verdel,

Thanks for posting in our community forum!

I think what you say makes sense, and we should start acting on it from the next minor releases. I can’t commit to a strict timeline, but adopting SemVer on ArtifactHub is definitely something we should do :slight_smile:

For your convenience, I’ve just created this improvement task ([SONAR-22147] - Jira) that will be tackled in one of the next hardening sprints we will perform on Helm.

Feel free to track its progress and come back to us in case of further suggestions!

Thank you for paying attention to my proposal. I am looking forward to the transition to SemVer for the Helm chart.

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