Hardware recommendations

  • ALM used - Azure DevOps
  • CI system used - Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository - C#


We are running Sonar to comment C# code in pull requests and track quality indicators. We use Azure Devops but do not want the build to run on their server because it is painfully slow.

What hardware would you recommend for an in-house Azure Agent whose only task is to build our solution, run our unit tests and run Sonar analysis ? Also how many concurrent agents would you recommend ?

Our project is around 300k lines of C#.
Our team is composed of around 20 developers so that’s a lot of builds per day

(and yes we are kinda monolithic and it would be best not to, but this is not the matter at hand here)


Hi @PaulL,

TBH, we don’t have such recommendations, as projects we analyzed are so much disparate that it would be hard to cover everything.

The duration of the analysis will depend on the heap space you dedicate to the JVM running it, so i would say that the more is better (and so it means RAM), and even more if you are running multiple build agent concurrently.

There’s no particular hardware requirement for the build agent itself (see here, and it will require a bit of fine tunning on your side to find the best match between those. For information, Azure DevOps hosted agents run on a 2CPUs / 7gig of RAM, shared obviously.