Ideas for Reducing Azure DevOps Pipeline Run Duration

  • ALM: Azure DevOps
  • CI: Azure DevOps YAML pipelines on hosted agents
  • Languages: C#, VB.NET

Hi All

Having added SonarCloud analysis to our Azure DevOps pipelines we’ve seen the duration of the pipeline increase as you might expect. It’s not in the same league as some of the other posts I’ve been reading but sufficient to want to try and bring the duration down. Grateful for thoughts on these ideas:

  • Our codebase is quite a few years old and we have quite a few issues. These are all being reported and logged in the build portion of the pipeline. Could suppressing all this logging speed up the build? I’ve tried adding /verbosity:quiet /p:WarningLevel=0 to msbuildArgs and sonar.verbose=false to the SonarCloud prepare task but these haven’t had any tangible effect. Anything else to try?
  • We have had a big success with running a build that generates artefacts (that go on to be used in tests) and a build that runs SonarCloud in parallel. Are there any adverse effects of doing this from the SonarCloud perspective?

Is there anything else that we might easily implement? There was a thread from last November that looked very interesting but I think it turned private so we didn’t get to learn how things worked out.

Many thanks!

Cheers - Graham