Groovy Plugin for SonarQube Community v8.6

We are looking forward to install Groovy plugin for SonarQube Community v8.6

When consulted GitHub - Inform-Software/sonar-groovy: SonarQube plugin for Groovy

where if is mentioned that sonar-groovy-plugin v1.7 is supported by SonarQube v7.8-8.3

Although, sonar-groovy-plugin v1.7 is not found in Releases · Inform-Software/sonar-groovy · GitHub

Please help understand which version of sonar-groovy-plugin to be used for SonarQube Community v8.6 ?

Hi @Tripti_Mittal ,

The Groovy plugin is a Community plugin, not developed by SonarSource.
You should ask the maintainer.