[NEW RELEASE] Sonar Groovy Plugin 1.6


this is my first release after expressing my intent to take over the plugin from its former maintainer.

What is new?

  • Support for SonarQube 6.7-7.9 (as there wasn’t a release of this plugin for some time, I found it valuable to keep compatibility with a wide range of versions)
  • CodeNarc updated to 1.4
  • GMetrics updated to 1.0

For my first release I did my best to bring the plugin up-to-date without doing any big changes.


Feedback welcome!

Regards, Tobias

PS: I believe there are some links on SonarSource-managed sites which need updating, for example http://redirect.sonarsource.com/plugins/groovy.html and https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/instance-administration/plugin-version-matrix/


Hi Tobias,

Congrats on your first release! The Marketplace has been updated.


P.S. The homepage the Plugin Version Matrix uses comes from the Marketplace file your PR just updated. Updating the redirect is in the works.

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