Golangci-lint issues import is not working as expected

I also encountered golangci-lint problem.
After I tried:

  1. golangci-lint run --out-format checkstyle > report.xml
  2. config: sonar.go.golangci-lint.reportPaths=report.xml
  3. sonar-scanner

There is no more bugs revealed on the board

Hi @marvinlchen,

We prefer to have a separate thread for each bug report so I moved your post.

Regarding your problem, I know that it is an obvious question, but are there issues reported by golangci-lint in the report.xml file?
Next you can check if the file paths in this file match the file paths in SonarQube/SonarCloud.

I suspect that my problem may be caused by Sonarqube version. I found the most recent version is 7.9.1 LTS, which is released on July 2019. Is there any support for golangci-lint?
I found that there is only a config for GoMetaLinter.

Hi Marvin,

SonarQube 7.9.1 comes with an older version of the Go analyzer. You need to update it to version 1.6. You can do it in Administration => Marketplace.

It works! That was the problem.
Thanks for help!

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