Golangci-lint issues are not visible after importing its report

I’m having the same issue with sonar 8 and latest version of SonarGo (1.6.0 build 719)

This is the scanner log (report path omitted for policy reasons):

12:24:37.964 DEBUG: Sensors : JavaXmlSensor -> HTML -> XML Sensor -> JaCoCo XML Report Importer -> SonarGo -> Go Cover sensor for Go coverage -> Import of GolangCI-Lint issues -> JavaSecuritySensor -> CSharpSecuritySensor -> PhpSecuritySensor -> PythonSecuritySensor

 12:24:39.086 INFO: Sensor Import of GolangCI-Lint issues [go]

 12:24:39.087 INFO: Importing [...]/report.xml

 12:24:39.093 INFO: Sensor Import of GolangCI-Lint issues [go] (done) | time=7ms

And this is the report.xml content (golangci-lint v1.27):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<checkstyle version="5.0"><file name="internal\platform\types\currency\codecs.go"><error column="19" line="46" message="mnd: Magic number: 3, in &lt;condition&gt; detected" severity="error" source="gomnd"></error></file></checkstyle>

Is there a way to enable more verbose logging of SonarGo?

Hi @lggomez_st and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

By “same issue”, do you mean that issues from the golangci-lint report are not visible in SonarQube?

Indeed, sorry if it wasn’t clear enough

As shown in the report.xml contents, I purposely left a single error item but no issues can be found on the sonar report, although the logs show that the Sensor Import was ran successfully