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  • Version using: * Data Center Edition Version 8.6

I am trying to decorate Merge request in GitLab following the instructions here under Adding merge request decoration to GitLab. But these instructions does not looks correct to me because I am not able to follow this instruction the simplest way to add merge request decoration is by adding a project from GitLab by clicking the “+” in the upper-right corner and selecting GitLab . . Can someone conform that is correct ? I can’t find “+” symbol in upper right corner in GitLab. I am using GitLab version GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.12.9-ee

Hi @sansarpoudel,

You add the project from SonarQube, not from GitLab. If you have the Create Project permission in SonarQube, you’ll see a “+” symbol in the top right corner of your SonarQube screen. If your GitLab integration has been set up correctly (see here) you should be able to choose a GitLab project to add to SonarQube.

As a side note, your 8.6 version of SonarQube is now end-of-life; it’s worth considering an upgrade to at least 8.9 LTS.



Hi Cameron, Thank you for pointing to this. This was very helpful.

I was able to follow the instructions and setup everything in SonarQube and when I look at the project now, it does say “Already Setup”. But, the problem is I am still not able to see the Report within Merge Request in GitLab. I am thinking, may be SonarQube is unable to send the report back to GitLab because of some Network issue or something. Any idea what else I could check for ?

Hi @sansarpoudel ,

I will let @Cameron answer here, as he was following with you before, but just as a side note : you are running a Data Center Edition of SonarQube, so you have full access to our Support team via the Service Desk, to ask questions, raise comments/questions, share good practices with our team. You should really engage them when you have technical questions, so they will be able to answer quickly and with sometimes more details than on this forum.

Have a nice end of the year!

Hi Sansar,

Carine is absolutely correct - as a Data Center Edition customer you have access to our Support team, so you can reach out to them if you prefer. For general advice I can provide a couple of starting points:

  • For PR analysis, it’s important to remember that analysis is not automatically triggered: your CI system still needs to run a SonarQube analysis of the PR.
  • If your CI tool has run the analysis, are you seeing the PR results in SonarQube? If not, it’s worth checking the logs on the CI side to see what went wrong with the analysis
  • If you’re seeing the results in SonarQube but not in GitLab, then the problem may be with communication between SonarQube and GitLab. You should check the <SONARQUBE_HOME>/logs/ce.log file for any warnings that suggest that the PR processing has gone wrong on the SonarQube server side

I hope this helps with some starting points for the investigation.