Gitlab Access Denied IntelliJ

While I am creating a repository for my new laptop using IntelliJ, I accidentally put in the wrong password, and when I tried creating repository afterwards, it keeps giving me the error below

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for (The HTTP link used)

Do I have to wait a certain time for the access to be available again or is there any other ways?

Hi Yu Lim,

Welcome to the community.

I am not sure if your problem is related to SonarCloud. From your description, it seems to be a GitLab-related issue. I suggest you try resetting the password of your GitLab account.

Once you have valid GitLab credentials, you can use them to sign into SonarCloud.

Thank you for the advice, the problem seemed to have occur at the windows credential manager part of my computer. Sorry for asking at the wrong platform, is there anyhow I can remove this post?

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