GitHub Status checks on PR intermittently not updated

My issue is the same as this one, but that question appears to have been resolved in a private message.

Sonarqube Version: 9.1 (Developer Edition)
- self-hosted in kubernetes
Github DevOps Platform Integration
Github Status check on PR as required check
Sonarqube Quality Gate - Github PR comments
Github Actions
Private Repos

Intermittently, Sonarqube will not report the Github status check for a commit/PR. Since this check is setup as a required check, the PRs cannot be merged without manual intervention. Whenever this occurs the PR always has a SonarQube Quality Gate message posted to the PR via the Github app connecting our Sonarqube to Github. Only the status check fails to be sent to the Github API.

We’ve tried enabling Debug logs in the Compute Engine to see if there is any info there, but so far nothing has been found. Below are screenshots of the situation occurring on a PR:

What are some next steps to triage this issue?

We are not using the official Sonarqube GHA (Official SonarQube Scan · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub, SonarQube Quality Gate Check · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub). We use a custom GHA that uses the sonarqube CLI to run the scans, and we rely on the Github DevOps Platform Integration to post the status checks and PR comments for the Quality Gate.