Github Integration Disable Quality Gate Check sent from Sonarqube

We originally setup the Sonarqube Github Integration using a Github App to enforce the Quality Gate on PRs. Since then, we have moved to using the Sonarqube Quality Gate Github Action as the former was unreliable. Now, our main branch still receives a Github Check sent to it from Sonarqube. Can this Github Check be disabled? We have a monolith repo whose Quality Gate fails on main, but we require code quality gate on pull requests. We also want to keep the Pull Request decoration comments.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 1.56.45 PM

Sonarqube Developer Edition 9.3
Github Integration

Hey there.

I can confirm it’s not possible to disable the check being sent to your main branch.

Can you discuss what was unreliable about it?

Out of curiosity, is it failing because of Quality Gate conditions on Overall Code? It’s for this exact reason (folks ignoring the Quality Gate because it’s not actionable) that we suggest focusing on New Code in your Quality Gate. Clean as You Code | SonarQube Docs

Thanks for the reply. We were able to fix the Quality Gate by focusing on new code and bypassing a couple of false positives.

The reason we moved to the Sonarqube Quality Github Action was to address the issue described here:

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