GitHub PullRequest decoration not working


since several months we have already a project running in SonarCloud together with PullRequests and they are decorated fine in GitHub.
But in the last days I created another project in the same organization the older project is already using. In the new project I have problems with the GitHub integration:

  • PullRequests are not decorated (the SonarCloud check is not shown)
  • When looking into the PullRequest in SonarCloud I don’t get this ‘See the PR’ link
  • The PullRequest is named like the branch in SonarCloud. In the older project the PullRequest title is used as name

Maybe I missed some configuration or are my problems related to what i read in the following post that the UI/Settings changed a bit regarding configuration of GitHub?

Our organization is bound to GitHub since several months. I didn’t changed anything there…
We are using TeamCity as build system and have a Kotlin & Gradle project. During the build we provide the following sonar parameter: sonar.pullrequest.base, sonar.pullrequest.branch, sonar.pullrequest.key, sonar.pullrequest.provider=GitHub (Only necessary in the new project), sonar.login,, sonar.organization, sonar.projectKey

Our organization/project is private but anyway that is the link:

Thank you very much in advance for any hint how to get the PullRequest decoration running :wink:

Hi Sascha,

Just to clarify so I can understand the problem better, did you add this project manually or imported from GitHub? By importing from GitHub I mean clicking plus icon -> “Analyze new project” and selecting the project from the GitHub organization.


Hej Marcin,

if i understand it correctly i added it manually.
In SonarCloud I opened our organization and created a new&empty project with a name and projectKey. Then I just ran an analysis from our build server which ‘pushes’ the code into the created project with the specified organizationKey and projectKey. With that way we are analysing our master branch as well as all our other branches/PullRequests

Hi Sascha,

Is this project part of your GitHub organization? If it is, can you try adding it in the recommended way instead of manually creating new&empty project? (by recommended I mean clicking plus icon -> “analyze new project” and select the project from your GitHub organization). This would probably solve your problems with PR decoration, links missing etc.


Hej Marcin,

I tested it and it looks quite promising!
Thank you very much for your help!

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