GitHub PR Scan "Expected - Waiting for status to be reported"

ALM used: GitHub
Languages of the repository: Terraform and Python
Error observed: In our GitHub org, automatic analysis never completes for PRs in certain repositories. In these Pull Requests, a SonarCloud code analysis job will show with status “Expected - Waiting for status to be reported”
Potential workaround: We currently manually add the SonarCloud scan action to any repositories that experience this issue.


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We had an incident like this earlier this week, but it should be resolved. Can you please give the date/time of the last analysis where this happened?


we’re seeing similar behavior here, where we never receive the PR decoration. I know you all had that same issue earlier this week; after your fix it looked like it was resolved for maybe half a day, but now we’re seeing the same behavior.

note that this is for manually triggered branch scans; not the automatic ones (the latter seem to be decorating just fine)

Hi Ann

This recent occurrence happened on the 20th September at about 11:50am (GMT+2).

It has been happening for the last couple of months, but since it has only happened with a handful of repos, we’ve never been able to find the cause.

Hi @reece-stephenson,

Can you pinpoint a recent case: repo, PR & datetime?


P.S. @Constantino_Schilleb please create a new thread with all your details.

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They are private repositories, so I am unable to. I can provide a little bit more information though.

The repo most recently experiencing this issue first got created on the 8th of September at 2:03pm (GMT+2). On the day it was created, I can see the automatic scan started but has the status “Not computed”. This scan also lists a warning “The version of Java (11.0.16) you have used to run this analysis is deprecated and we will stop accepting it soon. Please update to at least Java 17.” which is strange since we don’t host any scanners and this was an automatic analysis.

The pull request that had “Expected - Waiting for status to be reported” was created at exactly 11:39am (GMT+2) on the 20th of September. This pull request did not show up in the SonarCloud UI at all.


Hi Reece,

So you can pinpoint, you just don’t want to share publicly? (I’m not just being a smartass, the distinction matters :smiley:)

And all of these are automatic analyses?

Regarding this:

Yeah… we did a little foot shooting there. Sorry about that.


P.S. If you check your project’s Administration → Background Tasks, do you see failed analyses there?

Hi Anne, the repos on GitHub are private and we don’t want to share information publicly😅

Yes, they are all automatic analyses.

There also aren’t any failed analyses in the background tasks section.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ve flagged this for the team.


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Hi, here we use Azure DevOps.
Apparently, the issue from Monday/Tuesday affecting the PR decorations have returned.
We are also not receiving the Quality Gate status for our PR’s.

Hello @reece-stephenson.

This issue has been fixed in the past week, and we haven’t observed it.
Can you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue?


Hello @LucasPereira

Are you still facing the same issue?



Hi Andrey.

We are still experiencing this issue intermittently. We experienced it again today.

Right now, to get the scan to complete we add the Sonar Scan GitHub action to the repo instead of automatic analysis. Is there a way to force automatic analysis?


Hi @reece-stephenson

Github action is one of the CI-bases analysis types. You can either choose automatic analysis or CI-based analysis to analyze your projects. Can’t be used both at the same time.

Hi @reece-stephenson, I will investigate your issue. Let me do a quick recap:

  1. You were using Automatic Analysis previously, started some analysis, SonarCloud UI never gave you an update, you did not get pull requests decorated and you found no failed background tasks.
  2. Then you switched to CI analysis, using GitHub actions, where you were able to get the pull requests displayed at SonarCloud UI, plus got them properly decorated.

Are my recap assumptions correct? If not, could you please update as simply as possible? :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but since there is a long time I need to ask if you are still facing this issue. Please do use automatic analysis to answer my question, so we keep focused on the root problem and not spend time with the workaround.

After you give me an update, I will probably reach you in a private message to get more details, since your projects are private. But I need to make sure I understand properly your problem first. :wink:

Hi @LucasPereira , since your problem is not related to this thread, please create another one for proper investigation. Mixing the two different problems in this thread would cause a lot of confusion and make the investigation very difficult! Thank you. :sunglasses: