Github decoration link redirects to localhost

Sonarqube version : sonarqube- / Developer Edition

I am trying to get the sonarqube analysis report through github PR decoration link. But it redirects to localhost. Sonarqube is deployed on ec2 instance and the request is going from https to ALB.

So far following were tried but no result :

  • Specifies the public URL of our SonarQube instance by setting it in
    Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Server base URL.
  • Added${{ serverBaseurl }}

Hey there.

The value should be coming from here:

Make sure that you haven’t set sonar.core.serverBaseURL in any other configuration (like as a parameter being passed to the Java process starting the SonarQube server, in a conf/ file or elsewhere).

Also make sure that you’ve specified the full URL, including any web context (