Getting The main branch has no lines of code error

Hi Team, I am getting The main branch has no lines of code. error. ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL but still cant see the report on Sonarqube dashboard.

230 files indexed
228 source files to be analyzed

INFO: 228/228 source files have been analyzed

Analysis report generated in 100ms, dir size=122.2 kB

INFO: Analysis report compressed in 23ms, zip size=14.9 kB

INFO: Analysis report uploaded in 227ms


Hey there.

As requested in the template post, what version of SonarQube are you using?

Further question: what type of sources to you expect to have scanned in that folder hierarchy?

Some languages need a specific preparations, like e.g. C/C++/…, otherwise it will dismiss all those files, that it couldn’t find meta-info for. what kind of meta info it needs, depends on the language to be scanned.

I am using * Version 9.9 (build 65466).

I am looking to scan iOS project which is using swift language.

I would suggest sharing your full analysis logs, redacting information as necessary (like file names)

Colin, Thanks for checking. I was able to resolve the issue after updating the properties file.

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