The main branch has no lines of code help

I am using sonarqube- version. Ios(swift) code analysis sonar-scanner.bat -D"sonar.projectKey=test" -D"sonar.sources=." -D"" -D"sonar.token=xxx" -D"sonar.login=xxxx" -D “sonar.password=xxx” command, I get EXECUTION SUCCESS. However, I see the result “The main branch has no lines of code”" on the dashboard. I can’t see the analysis result. Can you help me?


Please share your anlaysis log.

The analysis / scanner log is what’s output from the analysis command. Hopefully, the log you provide - redacted as necessary - will include that command as well.

This guide will help you find them.

And as a side note, you only need sonar.token. No need to also provide sonar.login and sonar.password.