Getting errors at sonar-scanner stage

Hi Team,

We are upgrade the SonarQube from community to Enterprise 9.5(build 56709) Edition and using sonar-scanner version

As per the SonarQube document if the SonarQube version is above 9.4, we need to use at least JDK 11. We are trying to add JDK 11 at Sonar-Scanner stage.

Please let me know is the sonar-scanner ( version is compatible with SonarQube Enterprise 9.5 version or we need to upgrade to sonar-scanner version?

Ediga Naresh Goud

Hi Ediga,

As a rule of thumb, you should always be on the latest versions (or the SQ LTS). So I would upgrade the server to 9.8 Enterprise and the scanner to the latest version.