Jenkins SonarQube Scanner is failing after upgrading SonarQube version to the latest version

Hi team,

Our Jenkins Sonarqube Scanner is failing after upgrading the Sonarqube to the latest version (Actually we have hosted a new Sonarqibe instance with the version of 9.0.1).

INFO: SonarQube Scanner
21:14:34  INFO: Java 1.8.0_292 Red Hat, Inc. (64-bit)
21:14:34  INFO: Linux 3.10.0-1160.31.1.el7.x86_64 amd64
21:14:34  INFO: User cache: /root/.sonar/cache
21:14:34  INFO: SonarQube server 9.0.1
21:14:34  INFO: Default locale: "en_US", source code encoding: "UTF-8"
21:14:34  INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
21:14:34  INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
21:14:34  INFO: Total time: 0.254s
21:14:34  INFO: Final Memory: 8M/941M
21:14:34  INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
21:14:34  ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
21:14:34  ERROR: org/sonar/batch/bootstrapper/EnvironmentInformation has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 55.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 52.0

Appreciate it if someone can help me with the above issue.



with Sonarqube 9.x the analysis must run with Java11 (class file version 55.0),
but you’re still using 1.8.0_292
see Moving Analysis to Java 11 | SonarQube Docs


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Thanks a lot. This worked.

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