GenericCoverage is limited to known languages

(Andre Pany) #1


similiar to the “GenericTestExecution” issue (GenericTestExecutionReport: Limited to known languages?) the “GenericTestCoverage” is also limited to known languages.

This coverage report (For the D Programming Language) fails as the file extension .d is unknown:

<coverage version="1">
  <file path=".\\source\\client\\commandline.d">
    <lineToCover lineNumber="27" covered="true"/>
    <lineToCover lineNumber="217" covered="false"/>

A generic functionality should not be limited to known languages. (Generic issue reporter works well for all
file extensions).

Kind regards

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Andre,

I recognize that you haven’t received a response on the first thread where you raised this exact same issue but the fact that it’s explicitly assigned to someone means that we aren’t ignoring it.

If you’re feeling neglected, please feel free to bump your initial post (after a reasonable delay) but please do not start a new thread on exactly the same topic. Imagine if we hadn’t caught this duplication. The split in effort would have meant twice as long getting an answer. :slight_smile:


P.S. I’m closing this thread as a duplicate.

(G Ann Campbell) #3