Generic test coverage and test execution with unknow langage

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For a project in Clojure, I am trying to import issues, test coverage and test execution to SonarCloud. However, when I try to import test coverage and test execution, it doesn’t work because the file I’m pointing to is an unknown language to SonarCloud. Is there any way to solve my problem, especially since importing issues works fine?

Also, for test coverage, I generate an .xml file that contains the lines that are covered by the tests and those that are not. So on your end, you don’t need to parse anything, right? So why is pointing to a file that is not recognized by SonarCloud a problem?

By the way I found this ticket: [SONAR-15387] Import of Generic Tests data shouldn't fail if a file has no recognized language - SonarSource which seems to be about the same problem but on SonarQube and is resolved.

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You’re right. The generic issues format works for files in unknown languages, but the generic test formats don’t. Even in SonarQube - even after the ticket you cited - we still don’t handle files in unknown languages. (That ticket just downgrades the error into a warning.)

As you say, this is a known issue. And it’s simply not a priority at the moment.

As a side note, I believe there are plugins available (although none in the SonarQube Marketplace) to support Clojure analysis. So SonarQube might work for you…


Thank you for the quick response!
Although this problem is not a priority, are you planning to fix this problem or is it not planned yet?

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It’s in the backlog, so we haven’t abandoned it entirely. But there’s certainly no E.T.A.