Generate PDF Report


I am new to the community. Please help me to generate a report of all bugs and issues in my project as pdf. What I want is to get the analysis done by sonarqube as a report.

Any help would be appreciated.


you’ve already asked the same question here

If you don’t like the portfolios pdf reports, you’re on your own.
Get used with the Sonarqube web api, then use the json response for creation of pdf.
I recommend to use your browser dev tools with the Sonarqube web ui.

You may also check the sources of this plugin which has great potential but is not polished yet

Otherwise create a feature request for portfolios (governance plugin).
IMO the portfolio pdf reports have worsened, they should be more configurable.



In other tools that I have used like fortify, you get a output as pdf for reference. In sonarqube, the only place to see output is the is localhost:9000/projects? Shouldn’t there be an option to get the result of the page in form of a pdf?


I’m curious what you do with that PDF. Would you mind sharing?

In SonarQube the only built-in way is via the interface, which is intended to be a centralized focus to bring the team together around a shared vision of Code Quality and Security. Your citation of localhost makes me wonder if you’re running this on your local machine & that’s why you want a PDF - so you have some way to communicate the findings to the rest of your team. Instead, SonarQube is intended to be installed on a centralized server where any stakeholder (yes, the developers on your team, but also the tech leads, managers, suits, &etc) can go see the status of your code at any time.

Maybe this helps…?