Found new bug while resolving issue in Sonarqube tool itself

(ANchal) #1

While resolving bug in Sonarqube, I am facing one issue.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Paste comment in comment text box from any other comment.
  2. Comment button to post comment is not active.

This is not expected behaviour as if you are allowing to paste comments in text box then submission should also be allowed there.

(Stas Vilchik) #2


Could you please tell me the SonarQube version and the browser you’re using?

(ANchal) #3

Hi Stas,

We are using Sonarqube version 1.0 with IE 11 in browser.

Thanks & Regards

Anchal Gupta

(Stas Vilchik) #4

I doubt you’re using SonarQube 1.0, because it was never released :slight_smile:

The current version is 7.2, and the latest LTS is 6.7. You can find the version of SonarQube just looking in the footer:

(ANchal) #5

OK… We are using 6.6 then but now it is working fine there as well.