Forced Auto Analysis? Failing analysis ID: 472906cb-30be-4638-8d0d-b6a08f18f78f

This is pure automatic analysis on project instantiation in SonarCloud, which seems to be a new “feature”. I hate it, because I can’t begin any manual analysis until the first automatic analysis is complete. This seems to be forced occurence on every new project and I can’t stand it (Time it takes for first analysis before I can get project config details, etc.)

" The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: “472906cb-30be-4638-8d0d-b6a08f18f78f”."

For the love of God please give us an option to turn this off! I don’t see it in the docs.
To re-iterate, this is for the initial automatic analysis. I understand how to turn subsequent auto analysis off from Admin > Analysis Method.

Looks like I can click the “Configure” section now and let automatic analysis do it’s thing in the background. Not an issue anymore.

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