Last analysis failed Analysis ID “AYorUYETd3_XlnWTXiya”

Hi I found out one of project not auto analysis since one year age, but others project are OK,
and when I into full analysis I saw the error, and faild Analysis ID is: “AYorUYETd3_XlnWTXiya”.
Could you please help me to check it what’s going on?

Hello @felix389.

Welcome to our community, and nice cat pic. :smiley:

I need some clarification: the project was analyzed by auto scan at some point, but after one year you converted it into a CI analysis (full analysis of your message), and it failed, is it right? Can you give me broader details?


Actually, our project is auto scan every time the code is committed, but only recently noticed, one of the projects analysis failed, I didn’t notice it before that, and I don’t know why, is it because of the wrong option before one year?

@Andrey_Luiz Could you please help me to check it out Analysis failed? :grinning:
Analysis ID: “AYorUYETd3_XlnWTXiya”

Hi @felix389.

I’ve assigned the thread to the specialized team to take a look. :wink:


Thanks a lot!

Hi @felix389 ,

Could you please disable and re-enable the automatic analysis for that project from the Administration/Analysis Method page and then send me the analysis ID if it fails again?

Hi @Serhat_Yenican , I can’t find Administration/Analysis Method, should I do someting else to find setting?

Is this a GitHub repository? if it is not, Automatic analysis currently only supports GitHub projects.