Failing analysis ID: AYDxQ5PwF7qoxollRYE1

sonar analysis is failing for the mentioned analysis id, please suggest next steps.

Hello @gurudatta-carbon , welcome to our Community!

Could you please tell me when this analysis happened? I tried to look until 2 days ago but could not find it. Related project is a public or private one?

It happened today, for a private repo. under our org.

Here is new analysis id “AYDyQNg7QEkPWExPERyF” which failed again.

I can’t find both analysis ids. Could you please provide me with a screen capture from where you got this ids, so i can see which id, date, etc? The project key will also be good, i can send you a private message to share this information if you want.

yes, pls send a private message, can share more details.

Hello @gurudatta-carbon , sorry for the long time. Could you please check if this issue is still present? If yes, please tell me if the project is the same, then i will take another look.

We introduced recently a change that should improve the analysis time a bit, maybe this improvement is related to your problem and could make it work this time. Let me know please.

Hi Alexandre, i believe the issue is with the number of lines allowed associated to the org.
after increasing our lines limit, it worked.

However if there was specific error message related to line limit, that would have been nice and easier to debug the issue.

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