Focus on New Code does not work for .Net project


I’m encountering an issue with the ‘Focus on New Code’ feature in VS Code. Despite following the documentation, the feature doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Instead of focusing on new code, it still displays issues from the overall codebase. My code base is written in C# and I am using connected mode. Any idea what’s going on?

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Hey @Ankur_Malhotra, welcome to the community! And thanks for reporting this.

I believe I managed to reproduce the issue: for some reason, SonarLint does not use the “new code definition” from the server, although it seems to be synchronized correctly.

I created a ticket to investigate and fix this issue, probably in version 4.1.

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Hey @Ankur_Malhotra,

SonarLint for VSCode v4.1 :sonarlint_vscode: has been released and it includes the fix to the mentioned ticket. Please let us know if it fixes your issue. :bowing_woman:

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