Feed log when changing quality profile

There should be a log for each quality profile telling, who changed it (and what?). And a user should be forced to leave a comment for each change.

Of course this leads to the problem, that every activation, deactivation and change to a rule immediately creates a change. But usually these changes are applied by the same user one ofter another. And if this is done within a time theshold, it can be cumulated into a single log entry to clean things up.

Currently I get notified from time to time via Lint, that the rule set has changed. Usually this is only due to an installed update. But if someone actually changed the wquality profile, I want to know that.

Hi Marvin,

There’s a change log available in the Quality Profile page. This log displays the changes that were applied, as well as the author of the modification.
Would you have a need that is not yet covered by this page?

Hey Christophe,

stupid me! Well, looks pretty perfect. It wouldn’t hurt though, if there was a log entry, if an update to the Qube affected defaults. I get a message in Lint about changed settings. Hence Qube seems to know about it and could generate log entries here.

Though of course I can see, that nobody changed anything personally, if there’s no log entry.