Feature request: Integration to Rippling

We would be interested to create and associate accounts using Rippling to create the user as part of this HR system, and integrate to GitHub, then SonarCloud with the correct groups and permissions. Additionally, a “request access” to a repo would be very helpful in this kind of situation. Can anyone work with Rippling to see how the integration might work ?

Here is the specific request:
I’d like to request an integration with Rippling, our employee management platform. We want to be able to manage our SonarCloud user accounts through Rippling and enable Single Sign-on for our employees.

My Rippling representative mentioned that surfacing this request to your team may impact its prioritization. I want to confirm that our team would receive immediate value from this integration and would love to help in any way we can.

If you’re willing to explore this integration, please reach out to apps.partnerships@rippling.com.

Hello @beadon-SAT,
I’ll be honest. There is little chance that this integration would happen:

  • First of all this is an HR system, that goes well beyond developers
  • Second, we have not heard of Rippling until now, this does not seen to have a huge footprint

Note: I am not sure if the request is for user authentication (accounts) or authorization (groups) (or both).
If you main need is authorization, you can do this integration yourself, provide that Rippling has API to read groups, you can sync them in SonarCloud with our group management APIs