False-positive cpp:S2260 with C++23

  • What language is this for? C++ 23
  • Which rule? multiple cpp:S2260, spp:S127
  • Why do you believe it’s a false-positive/false-negative? Because the code works
  • SonarLint in VS 2022,, connected to SonarQube

Code examples

#include <stacktrace>


#include <string>
std::string str;

Hi @bers, and thanks for sharing your question with us,

At the moment, we only have opt-in experimental support for C++23, and this is not available on SonarLint for VS, but the good news is that we are working on adding official C++23 support. Stay tuned!

Let us know if you have any other questions…

Best regards,

Hi @michael.jabbour,
thanks for answering this. I would like to track the progress of these (and other) issues, and I have a maybe general question regarding this: How useful are Jira links supposed to be for external users? On the first one (CPP-4093), I can open it but cannot subscribe because I cannot sign in my Jira account (“my@email.com doesn’t have access to Jira on sonarsource.atlassian.net”); the second one (MMF-3628) I cannot even, open with the same error message.

Hi @bers,

Thank you for bringing my attention to this, you are right. The product roadmaps are accessible publicly only through our Productboard portals. This is where you can subscribe to future updates, vote, and provide feedback to help us improve the product. The C++23 support card can be seen here.

Also, since our move to Atlassian cloud, we, unfortunately, are no longer able to allow community users to watch or subscribe to issues.

Best regards,

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