Failing scan: AXOATUCMfmio-Jg89E_p

Our scan is failing with code: AXOATUCMfmio-Jg89E_p

Your response is appreciated.

Hi @caseyw and welcome to the community!

Please go to the Administration / Background Tasks page, find the line with Status “FAILED”, click gear icon, and Show Error Details . Does it say something relevant?

There aren’t any showing. I talked to one of the account admins and he said that he’s never seen any failures show up on that project.

Can you provide some guidance to getting them to show?

Thanks for your time @Vince!

Any feedback here would be appreciated, as it’s holding up a couple things.

Much appreciated!

Hi @caseyw it seems this question concerns the same project (and the same error) as this one:

I close this thread now as it’s a duplicate, let’s continue the discussion on the other one (see my last message there).