External reports files are not being excluded from code

In my company we are using SonarCloud product. At this moment, i’m generating generic reports from external tools (Generic Issue Data | SonarCloud Docs)

All works well except these reports are appearing like code after Sonar scan. If I add the report path to exclude property, the issues doesn’t appears in Sonar logically.

I believe same way native reporting are working, (when you specify a linter report file for example, the issues are loaded into Sonar but the report file doesn’t be interpreted like code).

If I’m not wrong, this behavior should be the same both native and external reports.

Hey @dmajano ,
Thank you for reaching out!
Could you please tell me which external analyzer using in your project regarding the list here? And are you using the right config param from the list?

Example, for a java project that uses spot bugs, pmd, and checkstyle you need to define your external reports in target like this.

Please tell me if that could bring some help.


Hi Nawar,

I wanted to say, with external reports, tools that aren’t supported directly with SonarCloud and You have to build custom reports on the fly using “Generic Issue Data” format.

Thanks you for the reply

Hi @dmajano,

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, once you add your report to sonar.externalIssuesReportPaths
The report would not appear in the analysis result or the code tag.
I will reach out to you via a DM to get the scanner logs.