External Analysis for excluded files

Hi, i currently have trouble with including the results of external analysis tools (gcc).
I have converted the warnings to sonarclouds general issue data. This works fine.
However, the gcc also has warnings for files, which i do not want to add to the analysis of sonarcloud as they are third party.
SonarCloud seems to reject the external analysis results with the message:
External issues ignored for 3 unknown files, including: /__w/1/s/modules/3rdParty/…

Is there any way to still include the findings of either all files (even the ones excluded by sonarcloud) or to only include findings matching files that are analysed by sonarcloud?

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: c++

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Hey there.

I’m a little confused by your post.

These two statements appear to be contradictory:

What you’ve described below is the default (only) behavior:

And this warning message indicates that an external issue report was read successfully, and issues reported on third-party files (that aren’t analyzed by SonarCloud) are ignored.

So I think I’m missing something :confused:

Hi Colin,

you are absolutely right. I read the error message wrong.
I did not find the other issues reported by gcc in sonarcloud (as i was blind apparently) and thought it meant “ignored the whole external issues file because some files are unknown”…

SonarCloud does behave the way it should. This Post can be deleted.

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