External Analyzer Reports for C++

Hello !

We would like to know if it is possible to use External Analyzer Reports with analysis in C++, and if you knew some of Analyzers already used or maybe samples?
You didn’t mention any on this documentation:
External Analyzer Reports | SonarCloud Docs

We would like for example to set a warning reported by MSBuild as an error and that it appears into our quality gates.
An other goal would be to custom some rules or create new ones if necessary (for example, we’ve seen that the use of some modern cpp feature have a bad impact on our performances).

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Hey there.

C/C++ analysis on SonarCloud doesn’t natively support the report formats of any external tools.

You can always transform a report into Generic Issue Data to upload alongside your analysis.

Custom rules are also not supported on SonarCloud, but you’re always free to Suggest New Rules that can benefit our entire community of users.