Executive report/portfolio based on branch analyses


I’ve got a few questions regarding the SonarQube executive reports/portfolios. I try to get an executive report based on a specific analysis branch in a project. I am using SonarQube 8.8.

Branches of a project cannot be selected when adding a project to a portfolio. As a workaround you can add an application, in which you can select the analysis branches of the included projects. My problem: the selected branches are not used for the executive report/portfolio overview. Only the default branches are used.

My questions:

  • Can executive reports/portfolios be configured to use the application branch?
  • Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I’m misunderstanding what function branches serve in applications.
  • Could the described behaviour be a bug or is it the intended behaviour?

Best regards,

Greetings Lalit,

Portfolios always use the Main Branch of a project. At this time, it’s not possible to add a project’s long-lived branch to a Portfolio instead, but this is a need that has been identified and there is an existing ticket (MMF-1385) that will hopefully be addressed in a future version of SonarQube.

Indeed – you can also only include the Main Branch of an Application in a portfolio (which only contains the main branch of the projects within)

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