Portfolios, Application and Executive Reporting

  1. For portfolios and their local reference portfolios, I see that the options for adding projects are
  • Manual
  • By Tags
  • By RegEx
  • All projects ( Question-Does this ‘all projects’ mean all the projects in the instance ?)
  1. For standard portfolios, I see that the options for adding projects are
  • Manual
  • By Tags
  • By RegEx
  • All remaining projects ( Question-Does this ‘all remaining projects’ mean?)
  1. What are application Branches ? Does this link in any way to GitHub branches ?
  2. Does the executive report of a Portfolio (with sub-portfolios and applications), give the breakdown of the sub-portfolios and applications ?
  3. By default, is the Executive Reports of all portfolios sent to all users of the instance or is it sent only to those configured in **Administration > Configuration > Portfolios > Recipients ?
    Additionally , Can a SonarQube user to whom I want to send the portfolio Executive report be configured as the ‘Other Recipients’ as in


Generally it’s best to keep it to one question per thread. These are mostly on the same theme, so I’ll give it a shot but fair warning: if you have follow-up questions I reserve the right to pick only one line of inquiry to respond to.

  1. & 2.

It means all projects that aren’t already included in the portfolio by other means. Let’s say I have 10 projects. I create:

  • PortfolioRoot
    • PortfolioChildA - containing projects 1,2,3
    • PortfolioChildB - containing All remaining projects

In this case PortfolioChildB contains projects 7-10
However, if I had created

  • PortfolioRoot - containing All projects

Then it would contain projects 1-10. Same for

  • PortfolioRoot
    • PortfolioChildA - All Projects

PortfolioChildA contains projects 1-10 (as does PortfolioRoot).

I.e. the net effect of All (remaining) projects is always to make sure that the root portfolio includes all projects in the instance, whether or not they appear in the particular child portfolio where the “All” option is used.

In the particular case of a local reference “All” portfolio (let’s call it PortfolioAll), we’re dealing with a portfolio that was created independently as a top-level portfolio, and subsequently added to another top-level portfolio (PortfolioIncluder). In that case you get a contextual behavior - when you look at PortfolioAll as a top-level portfolio, you’ll see all projects. When you look at it in the context of PortfolioIncluder you see the subset of projects that was not already in PortfolioIncluder.

  1. I’m skipping this one. Let’s stick to Portfolios here

  2. Have you tried taking a look at this locally? What did you find?

  3. It is sent to those who subscribe themselves to it AND to those configured under Other Recipients. I’m not finding this path in the UI: Administration > Configuration > Portfolios > Recipients. Screenshot?