Error: "The requested project does not exist"


Maybe this topic is already answered but i couldn’t find it, i apologize if it is case.

Once i’ve binded sonarcloud organization with GitHub i can see all the available projects. My issue is that some of them are checked as already imported and when i try to see them i get the message:
“The requested project does not exist.”

I guess someone had imported the project in a different organization i have not access to, that person might not be working in the company anymore. Is there any way i can get those projects?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, is there any way we can import those GitHub repositories from our organization? Somehow they are unusable right now, even though we have never imported them.


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Can you share your organization and repo keys? We can start a private thread if needed.


Hi Ann! Thank you!

The organization is Gamestry and the repositories i have problems with are gamestry-api-v2, gamestry-next

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Any update with this issue?