Error Sonarqube-Sonarlint-Spring Tool Suite

Hi, I don’t know if you can help me, I have a problem with Sonarlint, I try to connect to Sonarqube through the Spring Tool Suite and when I have to select a project it hangs, I can’t get to the next screen. In eclipse if possible. And when I had fewer projects too, was it a problem with the community version of Sonarqube?
Thank you.
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Starting SonarLint for Eclipse
Started security hotspot handler on port 64120
Starting standalone SonarLint engine…



Would you mind capturing a thread dump when the UI is stuck, so that we could better understand what is going on.


HI, I dont know which process of this, I have to do a thread dump?

I do

jstack 12215

12215: Unable to open socket file /proc/12215/root/tmp/.java_pid12215: target process 12215 doesn’t respond within 10500ms or HotSpot VM not loaded


Sorry, I have.


dump.txt (53.9 KB)

Thanks for the dump. I don’t see any mention of SonarLint in all the threads, which is very strange. Is there anything interesting in Eclipse log file maybe?

I send you logs.

(Attachment log.pdf is missing)

I send you logs. Thanks.

(Attachment log.rar is missing)


Except if I missed it, the log attachment failed. Maybe use an online service to host it?

Hi, I send you log file in my google drive

Thank you.

Hi David,

This time I received it. According to the error, the lock happens when SonarLint tries to open the Eclipse secure storage, to safely store connection credentials.
This could be coming from multiple reasons, especially on Linux.
One thing you can try if you are not afraid of re-entering all your passwords in Eclipse, is to clear the storage, and restart Eclipse. See Storing credentials failed in fetch using EGIT - Stack Overflow for example.

Let me know how it goes.

I forgot to mention we have a ticket for the same problem, so you can follow it:

Hi Julie, I resolve the problem with your solution.
Thank you very much.
A pleasure.

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