ERROR: reached limit of 16000 steps for method and ERROR: Problem generating PDF file

Must-share information :

  • which versions are you using (SonarQube 7.9.1, Scanner sonar-scanner-, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
  • what are you trying to achieve
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

I used jenkins+ maven to build codes and then run sonar-scanner -X in CMD, in the beginning the pdf report could be generated but why cannot now.

Please see error alert message from CMD after run sonar-scanner -X:

Could not complete symbolic execution:$MaximumStepsReachedException: reached limit of 16000 steps for method createExcelRow#193 in class BigObjExcelUtil

ERROR: Problem generating PDF file. Cannnot find serverity for key null


Are you reporting two distinct errors here? If so, I’ll ask you to

  • pick one and create a new topic for it
  • provide the stacktraces for each error in their respective posts.

Without the full stacktrace there’s really not a lot to go on for diagnosis.

As a side note, it looks like one of your errors happens during the generation of a PDF report. There is no native functionality in SonarQube to generate project-level PDFs, and certainly not during analysis. It is highly likely that the community-supported plugin you’re using for this is out of date. That’s why the upgrade procedure tells you to check the plugin compatibility matrix for the correct versions of non-default plugins - so that you don’t accidentally copy over a no-longer-compatible plugin to your shiny new SonarQube version and run into errors either at the server level or during analysis.


Thanks Ann.
The only change is i updated sonar-java-plugin- to sonar-java-plugin- in sonarqube-7.9.1\extensions\plugins after i found new version in , and then involved new rule on http://localhost:9000/.
And pdf file could be generated previsouly before this jar updated, does this maybe the root cause of error alert?

Hi Ann,
i found root cause due to sonar.sources equal to 4 different source code folders as below, after i changed to only 1 folder (process-api/src) as previous setup then pdf could be generated.

So how can i scan all 4 folders in same time and generate pdf file?


As I said before, we don’t offer or support project-level PDFs, especially not during analysis. So I really can’t help you with the apparent bugs in that 3rd-party software.


Hi @ganncamp

I’m getting this error, and if I check the SonarQube Console I can see the coverage is showing <30% and in some functions if I check the code it shows like not covered by the test


[DEBUG] 11:37:53.810 Could not complete symbolic execution:$MaximumStepsReachedException: reached limit of 16000 steps for method transferRequest#4276 in class RequestServiceImpl