Enterprise Version of the SonarQube - Cost Calculation

Hi Guys ,
We have recently required SonarQube Enterprise version for our organizaiton. We have multiple departments having multiple lines of codes.
What want to calculate and divide the cost of Enterprise Liscence amongst multiple departments, you kno wwhat i mean.
What is the work around.
It is really stupid that i start calculating how many lines of code each project has and then i do this for 100s of projects.
Second , Does enterprise edition has any limitation of using Lines of code or this is UNLIMITED?

Kindly help me to sort out answers of these Questions.



Sadly, this must currently be done manually. And we’re contemplating fixing that in the 9-series, but we need your input. Please vote & comment here.

Your license is for up to a certain number of LOC. A global admin should be able to see what that number is by going to: Administration → Configuration → License Manager