Duplicated issues in the IntelliJIDEA Problems view


The problem from SLI-678 wasn’t fixed; still reproducible with the Sonarlint plugin (version for IntelliJIDEA (version 2023.1.2), macOS 13.4. Example with the Java code below:

No errors reported to the IDE idea.log.

Hi @Olga_Mulina,

Thank you for your report, we appreciate the reproducible code you provided!

This is indeed an issue, and I already noticed it in the past. It is not directly linked to the ticket you linked, so I created this new bug ticket, I will try to have a look at it.

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Thank you for the explanation!

The code was provided by our IntelliJIDEA user here.

A quick follow-up to inform you that the issue was identified and the fix should be part of the next 8.4 version that will be released next week for SonarLint IntelliJ.