Sonarlint issue duplication

Good day everyone,

I stumbled upon a bug some time ago, duplicating issues found while quickly analysing the same file.
I thought it was hardware related so I tested it over two different laptops with very different specifics.

Turns out, it is a real issue.

To replicate, smash the hotkey to scan a file ( CTRL+SHIFT+S ) and ensure that multiple scans are running at the same time. Once finished, the issues will be duplicated.

Running on Windows, IntelliJ Idea 2021.3.2 Community Edition, with both Sonarlint 5.1, 6.3 and

From my testing, this bug is not present in older versions of IntelliJ IDE (build 173.4674.33 and below)

Hello @davidesn,

We are aware of this bug (see ticket), it happens from time to time. It’s not in our immediate priorities to fix it as the impact is not very high.

Thanks for reporting!

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