Duplicate Analysis Report

  • ALM used = Azure DevOps
  • CI system used = Azure DevOps
  • Process = I’m using the marketplace tasks

The process

I’m seeing duplicate analysis reports…

Any ideas?


I saw that yesterday on my side too, but wasn’t able to reproduce and the problem seems gone. Is is still the case on your side ?

Thank you.


Yup happened UTC 10:08


Could you please tell me which version of the extension are you using ? (A newest one was release this afternoon, so please check the version of the “Publish Quality Gate Result” task you have, it’s given in the header of the logs of it.

And if it’s possible, share this task’s log, in debug mode.

Thanks !


A few versions, on a few projects. They all seem to behave the same way…


I will DM you the logs.

Humm no DM. I really don’t fancy dumping debug logs into a public form.

Thanks for the logs. Do you see it twice as well in the bottom of the “Summary” tab ?

That no longer appears, you have to click the Extensions tab

Yes, ok, i was wondering how you got the Extensions tab, but it’s with the new multi stage pipeline beta feature. Yet i was not able to reproduce with this feature turned on on my side.

If I turn that feature off…

I switched off all the preview features…

Still the same…



Is that the case for all the pipelines you are executing builds on ? It’s showing only one upload on the logs you provide, that’s kinda weird.

Is that the case for all the pipelines you are executing builds on ?

All my pipelines with SonarCloud seem to exhibit the same issue despite having separate developers, git repo, pipeline, etc. They do have the same underlying build server.

It’s showing only one upload on the logs you provide, that’s kinda weird.

Depends, do you mean your logs (from Publish Quality Gate) or Azure artifacts?

Yes the Publish Quality Gate logs you sent me.

In order to try to narrow down and troubleshoot this, do you have the possibility to clone this pipeline and try a few runs on you side ?

If yes, please try to disable all publish task that are not related to SonarCloud : Given the first screenshot you shared, both Publish Test Results and Publish symbols path. Run this and see if the problem is still there. If no, then enable again each disabled one by one with a build between each to see if one of those is not interfering with the publish of the summary.

Thanks !

Disabled tasks

Disabled tasks pipeline

Duplicate reports

Would you mind please send me in PM both Prepare analysis and Run Code analysis logs in debug mode as well ?

Thanks in advance.

Over to Microsoft…


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It seems that after months of this happening across all my projects, the issue has mysteriously been fixed…

The only change that I can see…


It only took a ticket to a Microsoft forum. Mystery fixes, the best kind.


Thank you, well that seems strange but at least your problem is fixed. Sprint 157 has been rolled out on the 3rd of September given the date when clicking on the link, but i guess that it’s not rolled out on every organization at once, so it might be this.


I had to go back and make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Something has in fact changed which was out of our/my control…

Old build (which previously had duplicates)… now fixed.

Thanks for all your help.

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