Doubts about SonarCloud

Hi everyone,

I want to know about if I can make a scan with SonarCloud API without SonarScanner and without CURL (using a HTTP Client). It’s possible?

Another question…

How can integrate SonarCloud and Copado?

I don’t found nothing official in the SonarQube documentation, but yes reference to the tool in Copado:!copado-ci-cd-publication/code-scan-sca-settings!copado-ci-cd-publication/sonar-qube

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If your code is hosted in GitHub, you can take advantage of Automatic Analysis | SonarCloud Docs – otherwise, you must use a scanner.

I don’t see any reference to SonarCloud here.

Thanks for your answer Colin,

In this documentation, in the point six:!copado-ci-cd-publication/code-scan-sca-settings

" 6. Select a version depending on your CodeScan license: Cloud or on-premise SonarQube."

In this other: Articles, is only about SonarQube on-premise (my bad and I offer apologize).

Thanks again for your time!

Thanks. They’re referring to, a fork of SonarQube