Doesn't detect .NET projects?

Just installed and configured SonarCloud with our BitBucket repos. We have about 9 repos that I’d like to analyze. Eight repos are .NET (C#), and the ninth one is Objective-C.

When I click on “Configure Analysis” for all of them, the default option is with a BitBucket Pipeline, and that’s recommended. Ok. So I choose that. I need a Pipeline. It then asks me to enable pipelines, add a repo variable, and then to create a bitbucket-pipelines.yml file. However, .NET is not an option on any of these.

If instead, I do a “Manual Analysis”, .NET is an option to select.


Hey there.

There is no UI tutorial avaialble for Bitbucket Pipelines + .NET (which is somethign I will follow up on internally – there are too many threads in the Community asking for help on this these days!)

Take a look at this thread where another user offered a solution:

Got it. Thanks for the link. Hopefully that helps my team out.

Am I missing some sort of paid “startup” or professional services fee / option? We’re a commercial entity, and we’d like to be up and running sooner rather than later. Posting questions on a public forum seems like perhaps the slowest way to get up and running.