Bitbucket pipeline with Dotnet Core

Hi, I am setting up a Bitbucket pipeline integrate with SonarQube on a dotnet core project. I am following the sample in Bitbucket Cloud Integration | SonarQube Docs. Since there is no sample on SonarScanner for .Net, I am following SonarScanner CLI sample on building my pipeline. I managed to get the scan successfully but I cannot see any issue details on my SonarQube dashboard. eg. on overview it show has 6 security hotspots, but when clicked into it. It shows no security hotspot.

Not sure am I doing correctly on using SonarScanner CLI on dotnet core project. Normally I did with SonarScanner for .Net in my machine will required build the project but cant find in CLI example. Do we have any guide on using BitBucket pipeline with .Net scanner or working with dotnet core project?

I am using SonarQube Developer Version 8.8 (build 42792).

Hey there.

You will definitely need to use the .NET scanner to scan a .NET core project. You might be able to take some inspiration from other users, like here: