.NET Code is ignored and not analyzed

Hi all,

We started a trial of Sonarcloud and send our code through Bitbucket where it’s hosted. we write primarily in .NET . For some reason our .NET code is ignored from any analysis. It’s as if it doesn’t exist. I can see the files inside Sonarcloud but there is no analysis against them and they don’t cound towards the overall lines of code.

What could be the reason for that?

Let me know if anyone can help me out.


Hi @QLYP and welcome to the community !

Which CI Tool (or ALM) and which Scanner are you using ?


Hi @mickaelcaro - Thanks for welcoming me!

We have only connected Sonarcloud.io with bitbucket so it runs every time someone commits code. No integration with other tools for now. I just wantred to trial things first.

Ok, thanks.

You have to make sure that the analysis is ran through the Scanner for MSBuild, otherwise your dotnet code will not be analyzed.

You can check an example of integration here if you are using bitbucket pipes.


Thanks @mickaelcaro! Just one thing I dont understand though. Right now all I have done in Sonarcloud is

a) Connected my bitbucket repository
b) Clicked analyze new project.
c) Selected the project.

Waited a little bit and saw the results. Is there anything I should be doing in this flow?

I havent connected it with any CI means. We use Teamcity but I want to make sure that the static analysis is what we are looking for before I go through any deep integration with our CI / CD workflows

The “Analyze new project” can be a bit misleading, but, apart from using GitHub and having activated Autoscan, this only means that a new project will be created on SonarCloud’s side, but that’ all, there are no analyzes automatically done.

What you should be doing after is to configure a CI, with a SonarScanner, and then you will be able to see analysis results into the project’s dashboard on SonarCloud.


Thank you!