Does the SonarQube Server url have to contain 9000/? And Code Smell image not displaying

Question 1
Does the SonarQube Server url have to contain 9000/ to access SonarQube?

We currently have SonarQube integrated into our Azure Devops pipelines. During branch analysis Azure Devops sends notification if code smells are detected I get an email via devops with the following:

Code S[mell](http://myurl/static/developer-server/common/code_smell.svg Code Smell: Add a nested comment explaining why this method is empty, throw a ‘NotSupportedException’ or complete the implementation.

The image does not display. Is the 9000/ preventing the icon from displaying?


We generally try to keep it to one question per thread. Otherwise it gets messy. So I reserve the right to stop responding on one of these topics. :smiley:

No, the SonarQube port doesn’t have to contain 9000. You can set it to whatever you like, including 80.

Regarding the image, what is the underlying URL and can you successfully access it from your machine?