Does th max LOCs count Java Line of Codes?


We reached out 4.5M LOCs. But 3.5M LOCs of this 4.5M LOCs are Java codes. We purchased max 5M LOCs License-develepoer edition version. We know that java code analysis is free in community edition. But we installed the develepor edition to our server. 5M LOCs includes Java LOCs? Because java codes should be except of 5M LOCs. 5M LOCs have been counted for all software language lines (include java)? Could you please inform me clearly?

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All languages are counted towards your license – including those for languages that are available in the Community Edition. This makes sense to us, as there are additional features available in Developer Edition that relate to the analysis of those languages (additional security rules, branch and pull request analysis).

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Hi Colin,
But Java lines are free in the community version? We dont want to upgrade our plan to 10M or 15M LOCs.we bought this licence to analyse our pl/sql that situation, we should install 2 versions ?(community and developer edition?)
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Running 2 instances is a path that some users take – and, that would mean you will lose out on additional features of Developer Edition that apply to languages other than PL/SQL.

In any case – the fact that analyzing Java is free in the Community Edition has no impact on the fact that it isn’t free in Developer Edition (where the analysis is more advanced, and more features are available on Java projects).

Hi Colin,

Currently, we are scanning our projects for dev main branch . We dont use Pull Requests (or Merge Requests) and ALM integration for now. What do you mean exactly with analysis advance and more features in develoer edition?